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Diffusing Lockets


Diffusing Lockets was founded in 2013 by Armondo and Erika Barry.  It was created when they had several customers from their other jewelry company,  Amate Studios, approach them  to create a line of Aromatherapy jewelry for their essential oils.   Armondo had been making jewelry for the previous 7 years.  


It really all started after completing his MBA in International Business, Armondo began working with a women's cooperative in Mexico to bring blank bezels and notions to the US craft market. After a couple of years, they opened our own shop hiring artisans directly and building an office of staff. This enabled them to make their own designs and have complete control over quality and production.


They continue to work with many of the original artisans and have a full-time staff in Mexico and the administrative office  in Arizona handles all of our customer's needs and fulfillment. 

Contact us for a wholesale catalog or a quote for custom work by filling out the form BELOW. Be sure to include your tax ID#/business license number!

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